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Be sure, cheap glasses online does not mean cheap or lower quality glasses than those are available in a retail outlet. Truly, the glasses available from online are the same as those in real life outlets and interestingly enough, in comparison, studies and reports say, instead real-life outlets or retailers charge higher price for many reasons and they are righteous to do so, as they think so. The word 'cheap' is conventionally used. Think of time, age and wisdom. Everyone appreciates importance of protection of the eyes. Scope of buying glasses online is the need of the hour. Wear the right glasses is significant in life.

Glasses help the eyes protect from the UV(Ultra Violet) rays from the sun. Everyone loves a healthy living. Protection of the eyes is absolute. Too much UV exposure is truly harmful for the eyes. Feel at home and conveniently buy the right glasses. Great, buy the cheap glasses that block UVA and UVB rays 99%-100% Of course, buy glasses by fashion, styles, price and worthiness. Buying cheap glasses is not fairly cheap and unscientific. Glasses of specific brands, quality are not always highly priced. It is wise to remember, going for cheap glasses does not mean compromising on quality, feel or look. On searches, one can find out the right shop to buy for cheap glasses at a bargain or even at heavy discounted price of affordable price. On scientific browsing of internet, you may purchase the superlative quality branded glasses at inexpensively low-cost. Browsing internet can truly help make a right decision for a worth buying of glasses online from Cheap Glasses Frames. Needless to mention, buy cheap glasses online is diversely advantageous, you find a variety of cheap glasses of different shapes, sizes, colors, styles and in different designs, brands and prices to choose from, that too comfortably, homely, conveniently, easily and afford-ably. Whenever, wherever or whatever you go for, buying cheap glasses online from Cheap Designer Glasses is the best option for shopping glasses. Today buying cheap glasses online from Cheap Designer Glasses Frames is the perfect choice for you get the benefits and advantages of online shopping. No doubt you can see, look, check and compare infinite numbers of all types, kinds, sizes and colors of cheap glasses.

You can generally, routinely or customarily search cheap glasses online and for taking a wise decision you can narrow down thousands into a few dozen by filtering search result by price, color or style, trend, popular brand, largely sold, etc. Buying cheap glasses online is thus never cheap but worthy. The online sellers like Cheap Glasses Lenses can truly offer hundreds of designer cheap glasses made of highest quality of frames and lenses, cheap prescription glasses at the cheapest price because the online sellers never use high street premises and ye-testing equipment etc. though in reality they make the prescription glasses in the same labs that several high street stores use.

  • Need of buying cheap glasses:
  • Precaution and prevention is better than cure. Sunlight is good for our health. UV(Ultra Violet) rays from the sunlight causes harm to skin and damages the eyes. Lenses help focus light in the eyes and are made of proteins. UVB causes proteins (in the lenses) to unravel and tangle as a result the lens appears cloudy in places and this state is cataract that can grow over years of exposure in the sun. UVB may cause long-term damage to eyes causing pinguecula. Pinguecula is a non-cancerous growth that develops on the eye. It grows on the conjunctiva. It is yellowish and has a triangular shape. Pinguecula seems harmless but hideous yellow oily deposits in the white of the eye. This damage is caused by UVB to the collagen in the conjunctiva. The clear coating as damage on the white of the eye is conjunctiva. UBV can cause even further damages to the eye by causing photo keratitis or snow blindness (irritation and causing instance of burning feeling in the eyes) when intense sun kills off the outer layer of the cornea. Eyelid may have life-risky skin cancer like basal cell carcinoma, looks just like a spot or a sore on the eyelid. Spreading such cancer is not so common but it may grow deep into the eyelid and when it grows removing a small one and may leave a mark that looks odd. One can avoid snow blindness taking a little precaution by not being alongside water because water reflects UV rays as a result one is prone to have intense dose of UV rays. Cheap glasses can and will block UV if you choose the right glasses that carry a CE mark, a European standard of UV protection. Standard of measurement, average 320-360 nm(UV rays is measured in nanometers nm), 5% deviation from the average is allowable. CE mark blocks 95% of UV, say 5% of UV rays below 380nm. One should go for 100% protection. Experts say buy glasses carry a UV 400 sign, as it is a little better than a CE marked. There are some glasses only categorized by the dimness of the shade, with four being the darkest and one the lightest. Optometrists say glasses with such grade give no UV protection.

    Buyers should give importance to UV rating. Dark tints sometime may be misleading if one does not check the UV rating properly. Obviously if you have a dark tint so your pupil will dilate to let more light in the eye and scientifically thereby providing a bigger window to allow UV in and in such cases you feel there is no use of glasses. Be careful, check UV protection claims are real because some manufacturers do not maintain any standard but only claim falsely, as on machine test CE marked glasses were not real. UVA (long-wave ultra violet rays) and UVB (short-wave ultra violet rays) can damage our eyes and the skin. Ultraviolet Radiation is is some portion of the electromagnetic light spectrum that reaches our planet Earth from the Sun. It has wavelengths shorter than visible light as such we cannot see it because it is invisible to the naked eye. These wavelengths are classified as UVA, UVB or UBC with UVA the longest of the three at 320-400 nanometers (nm). Further, UVA is divided into two wave ranges, UVA-I (which measures 320-400nm) and UVA-II (which extends from 320-340nm) UVB ranges from 290-300nm. Interestingly enough, with even shorter rays, most UVC is absorbed by the Ozone Layer and does not reach the earth. UVA and UVB may cause damages such as skin ageing, cataracts (to the eye) and skin cancers. UVA and UVB may also suppress our immune system in the body, reducing our ability to fight off these and other maladies. Again, UV radiation produces genetic mutations that may cause skin cancer as UV radiation causes damage to the skins cellular DNA. Globally, professionals have identified UV as a proven human carcinogen. The WHO (World Health Organization) and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services published their report about this. UV Radiation causes NMSC(No Melanoma Skin Cancers), including BCC(Basal Cell Carcinoma) and SCC(Squamous Cell Carcinoma). The reports also mention these cancers strike more than a million and 250,000 + Americans almost every year. It may be noted that mostly fair-skinned people may have been caused to melanoma, the deadliest skin cancer, and merely UV radiation kills 8,000 or more Americans each year on average. UVA is truly the tanning ray and it is true tanning at outdoors or in a salon may cause cumulative damage in course of time. Tanning ray results from injury to the skins DNA as it happens when the skin darkens in an imperfect attempt to prevent further DNA damage. And reason obvious, these mutations or imperfections may cause skin cancers. Authentic reports say no wonders, tanning booths emit UVA and more surprisingly, the sunlamps used in tanning salons emit UVA not less than 12 times more than that of the sun. That is why, reports say, the customers or users in tanning salons get SCC(Squamous Cell Carcinoma) and BCC(Basal Cell Carcinoma) developed in them 2.5 times and 1.5 times more respectively. Again, it is shocking to learn that the users on tanning beds get the risk of melanoma risk at the rate of 75 per cent. UVB causes developing sunburn and skin reddening at such the skins more superficial epidermal layers gets damaged and there is likely of developing skin cancer, tanning and photo ageing. In the US, during the months of April and October, UVB hits people significantly the most between 10.00 am and 4 pm, anyway, it is proved now UVB may burn and cause damages to the skin 365 days a year, especially the people at the high altitudes and on snow or ice surfaces and naturally. Truly, UVB rays penetrate glasses but not significantly.

    We remind you, get yourself protected from UV radiation by all means both at outdoors and indoors during 6 hours between 10 am and 4 pm and if possible seek the shade outdoors. It is always good to add flat, tinted UV protective film to your cars side and rear windows as well as to windows at home or office or work places. Truly, UV protective film can block up to 99.9 per cent of UV radiation and lets in up to 80 per cent of visible light. It is healthy to note that one should dress to limit UV exposure at outdoors. Interestingly enough, special sun-protective clothes with Ultraviolet Protection Factor specify how much UV radiation can penetrate the fabric, naturally, the higher the UPF, the better. For safety, one should choose proper fabrics may have the best sun protection qualities. Dark or bright colored clothes reflect more UV radiation. Choice is yours because UV blocking sunglasses can shield the sensitive skin around your eyes and on the head and the neck from the causing of damages so please continue reading our blog for details.