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Agstum Titanium Alloy Flexible Rimless Frame Prescription Eyeglasses

(By Agstum)

The demo lenses in this frame is 51mm wide,but you can ask the optist to change the lens width for any size you want. DEMO lenses are not good for wearing, there are some scratches or stains. Please change lenses at your local optical store if you want to wear.
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Almost Invisible Frame-less Computer Reading Glasses Gaming From 0.00 to +3.00 (+ 0.00 Strength, Gun Metal)

(By Florida Glasses)

COMPUTER RIMLESS READING GLASSES - ALMOST INVISIBLE ON YOUR FACE PROTECT YOURSELF FROM COMPUTER VISION SYNDROME!!! Computer or Game Console user Rimless Reading Glasses. These computer reading glasses protect from CVS (COMPUTER VISION SYNDROME) by filtering high energy light waves and decreasing reflective glare and also improves visual sharpness. CVS is a form of eyestrain triggered from viewing computer screens on a day to day basis. A lot of computer users in the world suffer from computer vision syndrome. The symptoms are: blurred vision, headache, burning and tired eyes, neck and shoulder pain, etc. These computer glasses feature an anti-reflective coating lenses and are tinted for filtering the harmful light waves. These computer readers are designed for viewing computer screen at a distance of 18-28 inches away. Available power: 0.00 +1.00 +1.25 +1.50 +1.75 +2.00 +2.25 +2.50 +2.75 +3.00.
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LianSan Unisex Lightweight Rimless Reading Glasses Mens High Quality Fashion Readers Reading Glasses Designer Frameless 52mm Women Lmo-017 (+2.00, Gray)

(By Lian San)

"LianSan" reading glasses brand is originated from China,founded in 1999. we have been focused on the high quality of glasses. Today, "LianSan" glasses has been not only running E-malls in China's major E-commerce supplier platforms, but also on Amazon US, Japan, Germany, Britain, France, Italy and Spain. We are your best choice for reading glasses purchase throughout the globe. We promote a healthy,comfortable and delicate lifestyle. We design our products by using the latest environmentally friendly materials and youthful design process. Sunglasses designed for the customer's facial features, integration of popular elements and romantic chic fashion style.
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